<!-- Whether to clip notification contents with a rounded rectangle. Might be expensive oncertain GPU's and thus can be turned off with only minimal visual impact. --><bool name="config_notifications_round_rect_clipping">true</bool><!-- Component to be used as the status bar service. Must implement the IStatusBarinterface. This name is in the ComponentName flattened format (package/class) --><string name="config_statusBarComponent" translatable="false"></string><!-- Component to be used as the recents implementation. Must implement theRecentsImplementation interface. This name is in the ComponentName flattened format(package/class) --><string name="config_recentsComponent" translatable="false"></string><!-- Whether or not we show the number in the bar. --><bool name="config_statusBarShowNumber">false</bool><!-- For how long the lock screen can be on before the display turns off. --><integer name="config_lockScreenDisplayTimeout">10000</integer><!-- Vibrator pattern for camera gesture launch. --><integer-array translatable="false" name="config_cameraLaunchGestureVibePattern">カメラのクイック起動の際のバイブレーションパターン<item>0</item><item>400</item></integer-array><!-- How many icons may be shown at once in the system bar. Includes anyslots that may be reused for things like IME control. -->システムバー上に表示できるアイコンの上限<integer name="config_maxNotificationIcons">5</integer><!-- Show phone (voice) signal strength instead of data in mobile RSSI. -->電波強度をモバイルデータではなく電話信号の強度で表示<bool name="config_showPhoneRSSIForData">false</bool><!-- Show rotation lock toggle in System UI-->回転ロックのトグルをシステムUI上に表示<bool name="config_showRotationLock">true</bool><!-- Vibration duration for GlowPadView used in SearchPanelView --><integer translatable="false" name="config_vibration_duration">0</integer><!-- Vibration duration for GlowPadView used in SearchPanelView --><integer translatable="false" name="config_search_panel_view_vibration_duration">20</integer><!-- Show mic or phone affordance on Keyguard --><bool name="config_keyguardShowLeftAffordance">false</bool><!-- Show camera affordance on Keyguard --><bool name="config_keyguardShowCameraAffordance">false</bool><!-- The length of the vibration when the notification pops open. -->通知が届いた時のバイブレーションの長さ<integer name="one_finger_pop_duration_ms">10</integer><!-- decay duration (from size_max -> size), in ms --><integer name="navigation_bar_deadzone_hold">333</integer><integer name="navigation_bar_deadzone_decay">333</integer><!-- orientation of the dead zone when touches have recently occurred elsewhere on screen --><integer name="navigation_bar_deadzone_orientation">0</integer><bool name="config_dead_zone_flash">false</bool><!-- Whether to enable dimming navigation buttons when wallpaper is not visible, should beenabled for OLED devices to reduce/prevent burn in on the navigation bar (because of theblack background and static button placements) and disabled for all other devices toprevent wasting cpu cycles on the dimming animation --><bool name="config_navigation_bar_enable_auto_dim_no_visible_wallpaper">true</bool><!-- The maximum number of tiles in the QuickQSPanel --><integer name="quick_qs_panel_max_columns">4</integer><!-- The number of columns in the QuickSettings --><integer name="quick_settings_num_columns">2</integer><!-- The number of rows in the QuickSettings --><integer name="quick_settings_max_rows">4</integer><!-- The number of columns that the top level tiles span in the QuickSettings --><integer name="quick_settings_user_time_settings_tile_span">1</integer><!-- The default tiles to display in QuickSettings --><string name="quick_settings_tiles_default" translatable="false">internet,bt,flashlight,dnd,alarm,airplane,controls,wallet,rotation,battery,cast,screenrecord,mictoggle,cameratoggle</string><!-- The minimum number of tiles to display in QuickSettings --><integer name="quick_settings_min_num_tiles">6</integer><!-- Tiles native to System UI. Order should match "quick_settings_tiles_default" --><string name="quick_settings_tiles_stock" translatable="false">internet,bt,flashlight,dnd,alarm,airplane,controls,wallet,rotation,battery,cast,screenrecord,mictoggle,cameratoggle,location,hotspot,inversion,saver,dark,work,night,reverse,reduce_brightness</string><!-- The tiles to display in QuickSettings --><string name="quick_settings_tiles" translatable="false">default</string><!-- The tiles to display in QuickSettings in retail mode --><string name="quick_settings_tiles_retail_mode" translatable="false">night,dark,dnd,flashlight,rotation,location</string><!-- Tiles to auto add to Quick Settings upon first change of a given secure setting.The syntax is setting-name:spec. If the tile is a TileService, the spec should be specifiedas custom(package/class). Relative class name is supported. --><string-array name="config_quickSettingsAutoAdd" translatable="false"><item>accessibility_display_inversion_enabled:inversion</item></string-array><!-- Whether or not the RSSI tile is capitalized or not. --><bool name="quick_settings_rssi_tile_capitalization">true</bool><!-- Timeouts for brightness dialog to disappear --><integer name="quick_settings_brightness_dialog_short_timeout">2000</integer><integer name="quick_settings_brightness_dialog_long_timeout">4000</integer><!-- Show indicator for Wifi on but not connected. --><bool name="config_showWifiIndicatorWhenEnabled">false</bool><!-- The number of milliseconds before the heads up notification auto-dismisses. --><integer name="heads_up_notification_decay">5000</integer><!-- The number of milliseconds before the heads up notification sent automatically by the system auto-dismisses. --><integer name="auto_heads_up_notification_decay">3000</integer><!-- The number of milliseconds after a heads up notification is pushed backbefore the app can interrupt again. --><integer name="heads_up_default_snooze_length_ms">60000</integer><!-- Minimum display time for a heads up notification, in milliseconds. --><integer name="heads_up_notification_minimum_time">2000</integer><!-- Whether to hide the notification header when the HUN is expanded. --><bool name="heads_up_notification_hides_header">false</bool><!-- The number of milliseconds before the heads up notification accepts touches. --><integer name="touch_acceptance_delay">700</integer><!-- The number of milliseconds to extend ambient pulse by when prompted (e.g. on touch) --><integer name="ambient_notification_extension_time">10000</integer><!-- The maximum count of notifications on Keyguard. The rest will be collapsed in an overflowcard. --><integer name="keyguard_max_notification_count">3</integer><!-- Defines the implementation of the velocity tracker to be used for the panel expansion. Canbe 'platform' or 'noisy' (i.e. for noisy touch screens). --><string name="velocity_tracker_impl" translatable="false">platform</string><!-- Doze: does this device support STATE_DOZE? --><bool name="doze_display_state_supported">false</bool><!-- Doze: does this device support STATE_DOZE_SUSPEND? --><bool name="doze_suspend_display_state_supported">false</bool><!-- Doze: should the significant motion sensor be used as a pulse signal? --><bool name="doze_pulse_on_significant_motion">false</bool><!-- Doze: check proximity sensor before pulsing? --><bool name="doze_proximity_check_before_pulse">true</bool><!-- Doze: only register sensors that use prox when device is in certain Display states. Thisdelays registering sensors when device first shows dozing UI but theDisplay & Power state hasn't changed to low-power mode yet. --><bool name="doze_selectively_register_prox">false</bool><!-- Doze: whether the single tap sensor uses the proximity sensor.If both this parameter and doze_selectively_register_prox are true, registration for thesensor will be delayed when the device first enters dozing but the device has not entered itslow powered state yet. --><bool name="doze_single_tap_uses_prox">true</bool><!-- Doze: whether the long press sensor uses the proximity sensor.If both this parameter and doze_selectively_register_prox are true, registration for thesensor will be delayed when the device first enters dozing but the device has not entered itslow powered state yet. --><bool name="doze_long_press_uses_prox">true</bool><!-- Doze: should notifications be used as a pulse signal? --><bool name="doze_pulse_on_notifications">true</bool><!-- Doze: duration to avoid false pickup gestures triggered by notification vibrations --><integer name="doze_pickup_vibration_threshold">2000</integer><!-- Doze: quick pickup duration to stay in AOD until the next gesture is triggered --><integer name="doze_quick_pickup_aod_duration">5000</integer><!-- Type of a sensor that provides a low-power estimate of the desired displaybrightness, suitable to listen to while the device is asleep (e.g. duringalways-on display) --><string name="doze_brightness_sensor_type" translatable="false"></string><!-- Override value to use for proximity sensor. --><string name="proximity_sensor_type" translatable="false"></string><!-- If using proximity_sensor_type, specifies a threshold value to distinguish near andfar break points. A sensor value less than this is considered "near". --><item name="proximity_sensor_threshold" translatable="false" format="float" type="dimen"></item><!-- If using proximity_sensor_type, specifies a threshold value to distinguish near andfar break points. A sensor value more than this is considered "far". If not set,proximity_sensor_threshold is used. This allows one to implement a latching mechanism fornoisy sensors. --><item name="proximity_sensor_threshold_latch" translatable="false" format="float" type="dimen"></item><!-- Override value to use for proximity sensor as confirmation for proximity_sensor_type. --><string name="proximity_sensor_secondary_type" translatable="false"></string><!-- If using proximity_sensor_secondary_type, specifies a threshold value to distinguishnear and far break points. A sensor value less than this is considered "near". --><item name="proximity_sensor_secondary_threshold" translatable="false" format="float"type="dimen"></item><!-- If using proximity_sensor_secondary_type, specifies a threshold value to distinguish near andfar break points. A sensor value more than this is considered "far". If not set,proximity_sensor_secondary_threshold is used. This allows one to implement a latchingmechanism for noisy sensors. --><item name="proximity_sensor_secondary_threshold_latch" translatable="false" format="float" type="dimen"></item><!-- Doze: pulse parameter - how long does it take to fade in? --><integer name="doze_pulse_duration_in">130</integer><!-- Doze: pulse parameter - once faded in, how long does it stay visible? --><integer name="doze_pulse_duration_visible">6000</integer><!-- Doze: pulse parameter - how long does it take to fade out? --><integer name="doze_pulse_duration_out">600</integer><!-- Doze: alpha to apply to small icons when dozing --><integer name="doze_small_icon_alpha">222</integer><!-- 87% of 0xff --><!-- Doze: Table that translates sensor values from the doze_brightness_sensor_type sensorto brightness values; -1 means keeping the current brightness. --><integer-array name="config_doze_brightness_sensor_to_brightness"><item>-1</item> <!-- 0: OFF --><item>2</item> <!-- 1: NIGHT --><item>5</item> <!-- 2: LOW --><item>27</item> <!-- 3: HIGH --><item>28</item> <!-- 4: SUN --></integer-array><!-- Doze: Table that translates sensor values from the doze_brightness_sensor_type sensorto an opacity value for a black scrim that is overlayed in AOD1.Valid range is from 0 (transparent) to 255 (opaque).-1 means keeping the current opacity. --><integer-array name="config_doze_brightness_sensor_to_scrim_opacity"><item>-1</item> <!-- 0: OFF --><item>0</item> <!-- 1: NIGHT --><item>0</item> <!-- 2: LOW --><item>0</item> <!-- 3: HIGH --><item>0</item> <!-- 4: SUN --></integer-array><!-- Doze: whether the double tap sensor reports 2D touch coordinates --><bool name="doze_double_tap_reports_touch_coordinates">false</bool><!-- Hotspot tile: number of days to show after feature is used. --><integer name="days_to_show_hotspot_tile">30</integer><!-- Color inversion tile: number of days to show after feature is used. --><integer name="days_to_show_color_inversion_tile">7</integer><!-- Number of times to show the strong alarm warning text in the volume dialog --><integer name="zen_mode_alarm_warning_threshold">5</integer><!-- Maximum number of total conditions to display in the zen mode selection panel --><integer name="zen_mode_max_conditions">5</integer><!-- Enable the default volume dialog --><bool name="enable_volume_ui">true</bool><!-- Enable the default volume level warning dialog --><bool name="enable_safety_warning">true</bool><!-- Whether to show operator name in the status bar --><bool name="config_showOperatorNameInStatusBar">false</bool><!-- Duration of the full carrier network change icon animation. --><integer name="carrier_network_change_anim_time">3000</integer><!-- Duration of the expansion animation in the volume dialog --><item name="volume_expand_animation_duration" type="integer">300</item><!-- Whether to show the full screen user switcher. --><bool name="config_enableFullscreenUserSwitcher">false</bool><!-- Whether the multi-user switch on the keyguard opens QS user panel. If false, clicking theuser switch on the keyguard will replace the notifications and status area with the userswitcher. The multi-user switch is only shown if config_keyguardUserSwitcher=false. --><bool name="config_keyguard_user_switch_opens_qs_details">false</bool><!-- SystemUIFactory component --><string name="config_systemUIFactoryComponent" translatable="false"></string><!-- SystemUI Services: The classes of the stuff to start. --><string-array name="config_systemUIServiceComponents" translatable="false"><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item>@string/config_systemUIVendorServiceComponent</item><item>$Service</item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item><item></item></string-array><!-- QS tile shape store width. negative implies fill configuration instead of stroke--><dimen name="config_qsTileStrokeWidthActive">-1dp</dimen><dimen name="config_qsTileStrokeWidthInactive">-1dp</dimen><!-- SystemUI vender service, used in config_systemUIServiceComponents. --><string name="config_systemUIVendorServiceComponent" translatable="false"></string><!-- SystemUI Services (per user): The classes of the stuff to start for each user. This is a subset of the config_systemUIServiceComponents --><string-array name="config_systemUIServiceComponentsPerUser" translatable="false"><item></item></string-array><!-- Nav bar button default ordering/layout --><string name="config_navBarLayout" translatable="false">left[.5W],back[1WC];home;recent[1WC],right[.5W]</string><string name="config_navBarLayoutQuickstep" translatable="false">back[1.7WC];home;contextual[1.7WC]</string><string name="config_navBarLayoutHandle" translatable="false">back[70AC];home_handle;ime_switcher[70AC]</string><bool name="quick_settings_show_full_alarm">false</bool><!-- Whether to show a warning notification when device's skin temperature is high. --><integer name="config_showTemperatureWarning">0</integer><!-- Whether to show a alarm dialog when device's usb port is overheating. --><integer name="config_showUsbPortAlarm">0</integer><!-- Accessibility actions --><item type="id" name="action_split_task_to_left" /><item type="id" name="action_split_task_to_right" /><item type="id" name="action_split_task_to_top" /><item type="id" name="action_toggle_overview"/><!-- Whether or not to show notifications to the user. If disabled, SystemUI will still beregistered as a notification listener, but will ignore all notification events. --><bool name="config_renderNotifications">true</bool><!-- Whether or not the gear icon on notifications should be shown. The gear is shown when thethe notification is not swiped enough to dismiss it. --><bool name="config_showNotificationGear">true</bool><!-- Whether or not a background should be drawn behind a notification. --><bool name="config_drawNotificationBackground">false</bool><!-- Whether or the notifications can be shown and dismissed with a drag. --><bool name="config_enableNotificationShadeDrag">true</bool><!-- Whether to show activity indicators in the status bar --><bool name="config_showActivity">false</bool><!-- Whether or not the button to clear all notifications will be shown. --><bool name="config_enableNotificationsClearAll">true</bool><!-- Whether or not to show the notification shelf that houses the icons of notifications thathave been scrolled off-screen. --><bool name="config_showNotificationShelf">true</bool><!-- Whether or not the notifications should always fade as they are dismissed. --><bool name="config_fadeNotificationsOnDismiss">false</bool><!-- Whether or not the fade on the notification is based on the amount that it has been swipedoff-screen. --><bool name="config_fadeDependingOnAmountSwiped">false</bool><!-- Whether or the notifications should be clipped to be reduced in height if it has beenscrolled to the top of the screen. --><bool name="config_clipNotificationScrollToTop">true</bool><!-- Whether or not the notification contents should be clipped to any background that isset on the notification container. For example, if this value is true and the backgroundhas rounded corners, then the contents will be clipped to those corners. --><bool name="config_clipNotificationsToOutline">false</bool><!-- Whether or not notifications that can be expanded will always be in their expanded state.This value only affects notifications that are not a group of notifications from the sameapplications. If this value is false, then only the first notification will be expanded;the other notifications need to be manually expanded by the user. --><bool name="config_alwaysExpandNonGroupedNotifications">false</bool><!-- Whether or not an expandable notification can be manually expanded or collapsed by theuser. Grouped notifications are still expandable even if this value is false. --><bool name="config_enableNonGroupedNotificationExpand">true</bool><!-- Whether or not there should be dividing lines between child notifications when thegroup has been expanded. --><bool name="config_showDividersWhenGroupNotificationExpanded">false</bool><!-- Whether or not the dividing lines should be shown when the container is expanding andcollapsing. If this value is true, then the lines will only show when the container hasbeen completely expanded. --><bool name="config_hideDividersDuringExpand">true</bool><!-- Whether or not child notifications that are part of a group will have shadows. --><bool name="config_enableShadowOnChildNotifications">true</bool><!-- If true, group numbers are shown in the expander instead of via "+N" overflow number --><bool name="config_showNotificationGroupCountInExpander">true</bool><!-- Whether or not a view containing child notifications will have a custom background whenit has been expanded to reveal its children. --><bool name="config_showGroupNotificationBgWhenExpanded">false</bool><!-- Should we vibrate on an icon animation of the shelf. This should only be active if thevibrator is capable of subtle vibrations --><bool name="config_vibrateOnIconAnimation">false</bool><!-- Notifications are sized to match the width of two (of 4) qs tiles in landscape. --><bool name="config_skinnyNotifsInLandscape">true</bool><!-- If true, enable the advance anti-falsing classifier on the lockscreen. On some devices itdoes not work well, particularly with noisy touchscreens. Note that disabling it mayincrease the rate of unintentional unlocks. --><bool name="config_lockscreenAntiFalsingClassifierEnabled">true</bool><!-- Snooze: default notificaiton snooze time. --><integer name="config_notification_snooze_time_default">60</integer><!-- Snooze: List of snooze values in integer minutes. --><integer-array name="config_notification_snooze_times"><item>15</item><item>30</item><item>60</item><item>120</item></integer-array><!-- Smart replies in notifications: Whether smart replies in notifications are enabled. --><bool name="config_smart_replies_in_notifications_enabled">true</bool><!-- Smart replies in notifications: Whether we disable the feature unless the app targets P --><bool name="config_smart_replies_in_notifications_requires_targeting_p">true</bool><!-- Smart replies in notifications: Maximum number of times SmartReplyView will try to find abetter (narrower) line-break for a double-line smart reply button. --><integer name="config_smart_replies_in_notifications_max_squeeze_remeasure_attempts">3</integer><!-- Smart replies in notifications: Whether by default tapping on a choice should let the useredit the input before it is sent to the app. Developers can override this viaRemoteInput.Builder.setEditChoicesBeforeSending. --><bool name="config_smart_replies_in_notifications_edit_choices_before_sending">false</bool><!-- Smart replies in notifications: Whether smart suggestions in notifications are enabled inheads-up notifications. --><bool name="config_smart_replies_in_notifications_show_in_heads_up">true</bool><!-- Smart replies in notifications: Minimum number of system generated smart replies thatshould be shown in a notification. If we cannot show at least this many replies we insteadshow none. --><integer name="config_smart_replies_in_notifications_min_num_system_generated_replies">0</integer><!-- Smart replies in notifications: Maximum number of smart actions to show in notifications.--><integer name="config_smart_replies_in_notifications_max_num_actions">-1</integer><!-- Smart replies in notifications: Delay (ms) before smart suggestions are clickable, sincethey were added. --><integer name="config_smart_replies_in_notifications_onclick_init_delay">200</integer><!-- Screenshot editing default activity. Must handle ACTION_EDIT image/png intents.Blank sends the user to the Chooser first.This name is in the ComponentName flattened format (package/class) --><string name="config_screenshotEditor" translatable="false"></string><!-- On debuggable builds, alert the user if SystemUI PSS goes over this number (in kb) --><integer name="watch_heap_limit">256000</integer><!-- SystemUI Plugins that can be loaded on user builds. --><string-array name="config_pluginWhitelist" translatable="false"><item></item></string-array><integer name="ongoing_appops_dialog_max_apps">5</integer><!-- Launcher package name for overlaying icons. --><string name="launcher_overlayable_package" translatable="false"></string><!-- ThemePicker package name for overlaying icons. --><string name="themepicker_overlayable_package" translatable="false"></string><!-- Default rounded corner curve (a Bezier). Must match (the curved path in) rounded.xml.Note that while rounded.xml includes the entire path (including the horizontal and verticalcorner edges), this pulls out just the curve.--><string name="config_rounded_mask" translatable="false">"M8,0C3.6,0,0,3.6,0,8"</string><!-- Preferred refresh rate at keyguard, if supported by the display. OverrideskeyguardMaxRefreshRate. --><integer name="config_keyguardRefreshRate">-1</integer><!-- Preferred max refresh rate at keyguard, if supported by the display. --><integer name="config_keyguardMaxRefreshRate">-1</integer><!-- Whether or not to add a "people" notifications section --><bool name="config_usePeopleFiltering">false</bool><!-- Defines system icons to be excluded from the display. That is to say, the icons in thestatus bar that are part of this list are never displayed. Each item in the list must be astring defined in core/res/res/config.xml to properly exclude the icon.--><string-array name="config_statusBarIconsToExclude" translatable="false"><item>@*android:string/status_bar_rotate</item><item>@*android:string/status_bar_headset</item></string-array><!-- Whether to show estimate in QS header. Default to false in case there's not enoughspace --><bool name="config_showBatteryEstimateQSBH">false</bool><!-- A path similar to frameworks/base/core/res/res/values/config.xmlconfig_mainBuiltInDisplayCutout that describes a path larger than the exact path of a displaycutout. If present as well as config_enableDisplayCutoutProtection is set to true, thenSystemUI will draw this "protection path" instead of the display cutout path that is normallyused for anti-aliasing.This path will only be drawn when the front-facing camera turns on, otherwise the mainDisplayCutout path will be rendered--><string translatable="false" name="config_frontBuiltInDisplayCutoutProtection"></string><!-- ID for the camera that needs extra protection --><string translatable="false" name="config_protectedCameraId"></string><!-- Comma-separated list of packages to exclude from camera protection e.g."," --><string translatable="false" name="config_cameraProtectionExcludedPackages"></string><!-- Flag to turn on the rendering of the above path or not --><bool name="config_enableDisplayCutoutProtection">false</bool><!-- Respect drawable/rounded.xml intrinsic size for multiple radius corner path customization --><bool name="config_roundedCornerMultipleRadius">false</bool><!-- Controls can query 2 preferred applications for limited number of suggested controls.This config value should contain a list of package names of thoses preferred applications.--><string-array translatable="false" name="config_controlsPreferredPackages" /><!-- Max number of columns for quick controls area --><integer name="controls_max_columns">2</integer><!-- Max number of columns for power menu --><integer name="power_menu_max_columns">3</integer><!-- Max number of columns for power menu lite --><integer name="power_menu_lite_max_columns">2</integer><!-- Max number of rows for power menu lite --><integer name="power_menu_lite_max_rows">4</integer><!-- If the dp width of the available space is <= this value, potentially adjust the numberof columns--><integer name="controls_max_columns_adjust_below_width_dp">320</integer><!-- If the config font scale is >= this value, potentially adjust the number of columns--><item name="controls_max_columns_adjust_above_font_scale" translatable="false" format="float" type="dimen">1.25</item><!-- Show a separate icon for low and high volume on the volume dialog --><bool name="config_showLowMediaVolumeIcon">false</bool><!-- Change the volume row tint when it is inactive, i.e. when it is being dismissed --><bool name="config_changeVolumeRowTintWhenInactive">true</bool><!-- The duraction of the show animation for the volume dialog in milliseconds --><integer name="config_dialogShowAnimationDurationMs">300</integer><!-- The duraction of the hide animation for the volume dialog in milliseconds --><integer name="config_dialogHideAnimationDurationMs">250</integer><!-- Whether or not to show a notification for an unknown battery state --><bool name="config_showNotificationForUnknownBatteryState">false</bool><!-- content URL in a notification when ACTION_BATTERY_CHANGED.EXTRA_PRESENT field is false --><string translatable="false" name="config_batteryStateUnknownUrl"></string><!-- Whether wallet view is shown in landscape / seascape orientations --><bool name="global_actions_show_landscape_wallet_view">false</bool><!-- Whether global actions should show an informational message about changes in S --><bool name="global_actions_show_change_info">false</bool><!-- Package name of the preferred system app to perform eSOS action --><string name="config_preferredEmergencySosPackage" translatable="false"></string><!-- Whether to use the split 2-column notification shade --><bool name="config_use_split_notification_shade">false</bool><!-- Determines whether the shell features all run on another thread. --><bool name="config_enableShellMainThread">false</bool><!-- Default udfps icon. Same path as ic_fingerprint.xml --><string name="config_udfpsIcon" translatable="false">M25.5,16.3283C28.47,14.8433 31.9167,14 35.5834,14C39.2501,14 42.6968,14.8433 45.6668,16.3283M20,28.6669C22.7683,24.3402 28.7084,21.3335 35.5834,21.3335C42.4585,21.3335 48.3985,24.3402 51.1669,28.6669M22.8607,47.0002C21.834,44.3235 21.834,41.5002 21.834,41.5002C21.834,34.4051 27.7374,28.6667 35.5841,28.6667C43.4308,28.6667 49.3341,34.4051 49.3341,41.5002M49.3344,41.5003V42.0319C49.3344,44.7636 47.1161,47.0003 44.3661,47.0003C41.9461,47.0003 39.8744,45.2403 39.471,42.857L38.9577,39.7769C38.591,37.5953 36.7027,36.0002 34.5027,36.0002C26.5826,36.0002 29.846,49.1087 35.291,50.6487M44.9713,54.6267C42.5513,56.7167 39.2879,58.0001 35.5846,58.0001C32.2296,58.0001 29.2229,56.9551 26.8945,55.195</string><!-- The radius of the enrollment progress bar, in dp --><integer name="config_udfpsEnrollProgressBar" translatable="false">280</integer><!-- package name of a built-in camera app to use to restrict implicit intent resolutionwhen the double-press power gesture is used. Ignored if empty. --><string translatable="false" name="config_cameraGesturePackage"></string><!-- Determines whether to allow the nav bar handle to be forced to be opaque. --><bool name="allow_force_nav_bar_handle_opaque">true</bool><!-- Whether a transition of ACTIVITY_TYPE_DREAM to the home app should play a home soundeffect --><bool name="config_playHomeSoundAfterDream">false</bool><!-- Whether a transition of ACTIVITY_TYPE_ASSISTANT to the home app should play a home soundeffect --><bool name="config_playHomeSoundAfterAssistant">false</bool><!-- Whether to use window background blur for the volume dialog. --><bool name="config_volumeDialogUseBackgroundBlur">false</bool><!-- The properties of the face auth camera in pixels --><integer-array name="config_face_auth_props"><!-- sensorLocationX --><!-- sensorLocationY --><!--sensorRadius --></integer-array><!-- Overrides the behavior of the face unlock keyguard bypass setting:0 - Don't override the setting (default)1 - Override the setting to always bypass keyguard2 - Override the setting to never bypass keyguard --><integer name="config_face_unlock_bypass_override">0</integer>


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